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Related article: Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 01:50:36 -0600 From: London Harrison Subject: Adventures of A Manipulative Bottom (Chapter Six)Adventures of a Manipulative Bottom (Chapter Six)Your overwhelming demand for the return of London Harrison has brought me back to this story two years later. Keep the e-mails coming! Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are what fuels the writer to continue: manipulativebttmgmail.com It was time for London Harrison's nightly Bible lesson. Each of Dr. Ringwald's children were told a story or verse from the Bible each night as they were tucked in -- Dr. Ringwald's wife didn't see why London should be any different. Mrs. Ringwald felt guilty that such a wholesome, handsome boy like London had had such a rough upbringing (being raised by various foster parents and thugs). She was beginning to love him as one of her own and only wanted to give him the chance to get a good education, live a Christian life, and pursue his dream of doing godly charity work. Little did she know that the boy she invited into her home was a sexually insatiable bottom who seduced her hunk of a husband into doing him doggy style every chance Hussyfan Lolitas he got. Little did she know that the two had fucked like wild animals in the living room, in the childrens' rooms, in the prayer room, in the same bed she created her children in. And little did she know that she was now pregnant due to the jock slut's scheming manipulations.Dr. Ringwald also had a skewed view of the bubble butt boy. He thought London was just a mere victim of circumstance -- a minority boy raised the wrong way and in need of a real man's guidance. It was his own fault, his own battle with the devil that caused him to fuck his olive skinned son with fatherly strokes on an almost daily basis. However, God had put them together to form a good Christian family (just like in that Sandra Bullock movie) and the doctor would find a way to get over his addiction to his son's delectable ass. He couldn't know that the boy had had his eyes on the Ringwald millions from the beginning. He couldn't know that London intentionally riled him up by walking around in his just jock strap and his socks, his ass up in the air as he watches MTV. He couldn't know that London had poked holes in his wife's condoms so that once she got pregnant, London would have his cock all to himself thus giving him ample time to enact his ultimate blackmail.London Harrison, wearing only his jock strap, paced around his enormous bedroom. He knew exactly what he needed, desired, craved. He just had to figure out how to get it. Hussyfan Lolitas He looked up at a huge painting depicting Jesus and the 12 disciples. Whenever he needed some guidance, he'd look up at Judas and ask him what to do. Then he heard footsteps. Dr. Ringwald coming for his nightly Bible lesson! London whipped out his Bible. He had two: one that he pretended to read when at church with the overly religious Ringwalds and one he used to hide the money he'd acquired from the charity ball and directly from Dr. Ringwald's office. He pulled the Bible down from the shelf, laid stomach-down, ass-up on his bed, and opened to a random verse. Mrs. Ringwald was staying at her sister's house that night so they could go to some pregnancy class together the next morning.Dr. Ringwald stopped in the doorway of London's bedroom. There it was -- the jock's bubble ass packaged obscenely by his white jock strap, the teenager's eyes and hands on the Bible. The room was dark except for the low, orange gleam from a nearby Persian lamp and the moonlight from the window. The room smelled like "boy". The kid must have not showered after football practice. London whipped his head around his bare back to smirk at the muscular, uniformed doctor. The father of four had his glasses on tonight -- hot. It made him look like one of those paternally sexy journalists, like Clark Kent or something. "Hi, Dr. Ringwald. I was just getting ready for my Bible lesson," he said, squirming a bit on the bed. The sight of London's ass had a striking effect on even the straightest of men and Dr. Ringwald was no exception. He'd gone in intent on only giving a simple lesson, but just the smell of the boy already had him considering other, more secular plans.The slightly aroused doctor gave a deep cough to get the teen's attention. "London, how many times do I have to tell you? Wear at least a shirt and boxers in this house. There are small children here who look up to you. And, besides, it makes our maid, Maria, uncomfortable. Do you really want to her you go on another rant in Spanish?""Sorry, Dr. Ringwald. Sometimes I just get really, really hot and feel like talking all my clothes off. It feels so free to just wear a jock. I explained this to Maria and we reached an understanding." London confronted Maria, telling her that if she interfered with his need to be naked again, he'd make her life a living hell (again).What London needed most was Dr. Ringwald's seed. It had been four agonizing months since he'd cum inside London's ass or throat and it was driving the evil bubble butt slut insane. Every night he would attempt to suck a load out of the hunky, hairy chested doctor's cock, but he'd always pull out before ejaculation. In the doctor's mind, this somehow made the act less sinful and also kept the teenage bottom more obedient to his commands. He'd been getting ample fuckings from his aggressive masculine Coach Phillips, but it just wasn't the same. Coach wasn't his father figure. It turned out that despite his plan to ultimately blackmail the Ringwalds, he had come to crave Dr. Ringwald in more way than one. He craved the feeling of Dr. Ringwald's hard pecs against his back as the older man pummels his hungry back door. He craved the sexy perversion of seducing the daddy in church, in the nursery. And what he craved most of all was the potent, overpowering seed that the man had stopped pumping into the teen readily. Tonight, like every night, he would attempt to get it back again.There was the squirm, that achingly delicious bubble butt squirm that tempt even the holiest of men. There was the lustfully virginal look that only boysluts like London could produce. There was the arched back and the "Please, Daddy". There was the lip-bite, and Dr. Ringwald was a goner.Before he knew it, the powerful hunk (still partly in his doctor's uniform) was on top of the teenager pumping away at his upturned, round ass. Dr. Ringwald groaned at the intense feeling of fucking the sexually charged jock bottom with all his might. London whimpered like a whiny teenager, his face pressed tightly into the opened pages of the Bible. On one particularly rough thrust, London accidentally bit one of the pages, effectively tearing the page out of the book. London's breath got heavier and heavier as the sweaty man putting all of his weight into his upturned ass stimulated his sensitively throbbing prostate with the precision of a loving doctor performing a surgery on a child. Dr. Ringwald furrowed his fatherly brow, scrunching up his forehead in concentration of the task at hand: to make to teen come in the bed without touching his dick. He'd been able to do it at a record of three times a week. His logic behind this was that he wanted to "exhaust" London's sex drive and that eventually this constant need for attention would pass. He had to achieve this before the baby was born or else there'd be major complications once Mrs. Ringwald's vanished sex drive returned.Dr. Ringwald's objective: to quell the teen's hunger for daddy cock by frustrating and exhausting him with it. London's objective: to make the Christian father so passionately hot for him that he'd do the craziest thing of all. But who would win?Dr. Ringwald brought his cock almost all the way out of the boy before snaking it back in slowly, agonizingly. London arched Hussyfan Lolitas his back to get more as soon as possible. His hole twitched at the thought that Maria's bedroom was next door. He was sure she could hear the father's low grunts of hedonistic, manly pleasure. It's true that she did. She could also hear the penetrated jock's cries of sexual submission to Daddy. She would get on her knees and pray that God banish this homosexual demon from their Christian home while in the bedroom next door, the married man struggled to keep his load to himself where it belonged. When the teen would get a little too frisky, thrusting his ass up and squeezing his hole on the doctor's thick cock, the horned up man would grab a fistful of London's hair and begin reprimanding him in his ear. He spanked him once to get his full attention."Don't break our deal, son. We get to do this just for a little while longer, but I won't give you my seed anymore. I'm a married man and I can only give my sperm to my wife for the purpose of procreation," he reminded him in between pants, thrusts, and grunts."Yes, doctor!" London cried out, his head yanked back sharply."Good boy," and then the doctor rewarded London by playing with his fleshy, brown nipples. The jock's body jerked a bit as a drop of precum wet the bed below him. The hunky, humping father released the boy's head and let it fall back onto the holy book below."Mmmmmmmm... fuck...." London moaned into the now moist pages of the Bible. His face was pressed against the verse that read: "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - )"He couldn't let Dr. Ringwald make him cum, but it was getting harder and harder when the muscular doctor knew anatomy so intimately. London's king-size bed springs began to pop as Dr. Ringwald began to really pressure his thickness into the bubble butt's pink pussy hole. The whining boy was losing this battle as precum dribbled, creating a matted puddle under his squirming, heated body. He began to imagine Maria in a leather S&M outfit. To his disgust and delight, it worked, cooling him down a little bit. Unfortunately, Dr. Ringwald noticed his climax abating and decided to change positions to make the boy extremely heated again. The muscled man positioned himself sitting against the headboard and brought the jocky bottom onto his lap, playing with his jock strap, moving the boy's dick in and out of its confines. London lowered his soft, pink hole all the way down the pumped doctor's throbbing, column-like cock. He let out a deep gasp, his lungs and chest expanding as the dick in his bubble butt thickened to a maximum of hardness. Pressing his chest against Dr. Ringwald's, London used the man's shoulders to bounce up and down faster and with more force. London ground his ass around in the hairy thighed man's lap. Dr. Ringwald grabbed the boy's ass to hold him all the way down on his cock for a bit, and to cop a copious feel of the biracial kid's abnormally sexualized ass. "Mmmmmph! Please, Dr. Ringwald, pump my ass! It feels so good! Ugh!" he gasped, trying desperately to move Hussyfan Lolitas up and down the babymaking tool inside him but to no avail. London used his secret weapon: he started tightening his hole on the deeply embedded dick, almost like the motion of vibrating your child hood best friend's dad in your throat."God- um! UH! UH! UHH!" Dr. Ringwald grunted in his deep, fatherly voice. Then, with a jerk, he lost a bit of his load into London's deliciously sucking ass. London smirked with pride and began to laugh a bit. It was only a matter of time now. Dr. Ringwald grew very serious and alarmed and attempted to get the boy off of him and dismount. That's when London went into double time, grinding his hips into Dr. Ringwald's lap, sensuously massaging his adult daddy cock, causing the man to grunt as if enduring a grueling workout."London, UGH! Get off of me right now, son. This isn't right. I've got to respect my marriage and maintain the dignity of this-""Please, keep fucking me, Daddy. I was meant by God to take your seed while your wife keeps getting pregnant! Whenever she has to have a child to continue your family name, I'll be here, your personal butt boy who you can fuck anyway you want, as hard as you want. You can spank me, you can pull my hair, you can cum in me wherever you want. God knows a man has needs and you're not meant for just one woman... you're meant for a woman and a boy. So, please, Daddy, give me your man milk... I promise God won't be mad."Dr. Ringwald didn't know whether London was being genuine or if the boy was going plain crazy, but his speech caused the man to lose another stream of cum. As the well-built doctor adjusted to this new development, London managed to pin the man's hands to the wall above his head. He breathed heavily and moaned into Dr. Ringwald's ear."Your cock is meant to be in a hot boy's ass. My ass. You see how bad I need it and you need it too. This is on a whole other level than your wife!" he whined, grinding his ass more rapidly than ever. Dr. Ringwald grit his teeth to keep his composure and resist cumming. "Give it to me, Dr. Ringwald, give me your cum and I'll be your son."Dr. Ringwald grunted in tune to his thrusts, his deep chest heaving against London's. "I want to adopt you, baby. Mrs. Ringwald and I both want to.""Then do it, adopt me, and I'll always be your son... and your fuck boy." Now Dr. Ringwald was losing the battle for his load. He felt himself getting ready to explode, the heat between the man and the boy coming to a boiling point. Just as the man was going to cum, he heard a cry coming from another bedroom. It was one of his children -- one of his sons, crying out from a nightmare. Dr. Ringwald imagined his poor child alone in a dark room crying out for a parent. Mrs. Ringwald was away for the night and here was Dr. Ringwald in bed fucking his children's "brother". Once again, Dr. Ringwald attempted to get up, but this time London had his arms pinned pretty tightly above him. The worried father struggled harder, but London was too horny and determined Hussyfan Lolitas to let anything hold him back."My SON is in there alone and I'm his FATHER. Get off of me RIGHT NOW so I can go check on him!" Dr. Ringwald roared angrily. He attempted to remove his drooling, red cock."I'm your son, too!" London whimpered, pouting to his struggling authority figure. Good thing London had been going to football practice lately and all his time in the gym was paying off. He continued to bounce on the athletic doctor's now softening, yet still thick cock. London put two thumbs in his mouth and used the moisture to massage his hardened nipples. The nipple play caused his hole to choke on the still struggling man's now rehardened dick. Dr. Ringwald continued to pant and groan in angry, frustrated pleasure. He could still hear his son crying out for his parent and yet he was stuck in another room fucking an under-aged teenager's melting hot asshole. Dr. Ringwald used his free arms to flip the teen over onto his back, but London used his legs to keep the man entrapped. The horned up man couldn't help but continue to thrust and thrust and thrust into the velvety pussy hole. He furrowed his brow once again -- he would forcefully make the teen to come in order to weaken and subdue him. Then he could tend to his son.London's prostate was buzzing out of control. In a lustful fit, the moaning, gasping teen grabbed at a fistful of the humping doctor's chest hair and pec muscle. "Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy..." London panted over and over with each thrust. London's "daddy" calls mixed in with and eventually overpowered the cries of Dr. Ringwald's real son who was also crying out loudly for his daddy. His daddy who was busy trying to dominate a devil-in-a-jock-strap. London, through glazed over eyes, caught sight of the portrait of Judas standing in front of Jesus. He bet Judas got Jesus to top him.Using his right, bulging arm to hold himself up, the determined daddy alternated using his left hand to manipulate the naughty teen's nipples and slap the side of his bare jock-strapped ass. "Daddyyyyy! Daddy, please come!" both his real son and London cried out. Dr. Ringwald's other children must have been woken up by the noise, because they all started crying out too, calling out for their father."London, LET GO! I have to go take care of my CHILDREN!" Dr. Ringwald roared , now humping angrily into London's absorbent bottom."I'm your only child that matters... the only one who can give you this!" and with that London pulled the convulsing doctor fully atop him to entrap him in a sensual, saliva filled kiss. Dr. Ringwald gave five more major, hip wrenching, ass wrecking thrusts, grunting loudly all the way through. There's no way the others in the house didn't hear. He stared cumming, thick ropes of potent man-milk, the semen that Hussyfan Lolitas never failed to get Mrs. Ringwald pregnant once it entered her. London was getting fuller and fuller of the humping, quivering daddy's creamy loud, getting higher and higher off the extremely satisfying and fulfilling sensation. Finally, he was full of the doctor's much desired load again. To the doctor, London looked like a troubled angel -- a beautiful biracial boy who just thought he needed the wrong things. But London was far from an angel, his toned, gasping body receiving its most craved nutrients off his man-seed, his mind getting off on the thought that he'd gotten the doctor to once again put the boy's round ass before his own kids. London wasn't surprised when Dr. Ringwald stayed in his bed for the next thirty minutes, lightly humping the jock bubble butt and kissing the kid's still whining, succulent mouth. The kids' occasional cries could be heard in the background more clearly now that Dr. Ringwald had cum.But the two just lay there, their bodies electrified, breathing heavy, London soiling his jock strap, experiencing the most taboo lust possible in their Christian little world.
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